Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas card photo shoot:)

This year I had so many options....  After a "wonderful" 17 year old Driver drove through our pine tree's and knocked 2 20foot tree's down while driving a VW Jetta we had so miniature tree's around...  One is in a stand on our porch with lights on it:)  One is up at Kim and Eric's house and then we used branches to make some decorations.  I decided it would be cute to put on top of their cars ( I thought I came up with the idea on my own but Kim said she had seen on pinterest last year so I am sure that I had seen it and that is why I really thought of it!) 
The first day....
 At this point I did not think I would get them in the same frame so I thought individual would work the best....

 I couldn't believe I got individual shots of both of them with their eyes open, looking at me AND HAPPY!!!  I decided to start shooting away to try to get both in one photo. 
 Getting two active kids in one picture frame while they are sitting in vehicles with wheels.... not easy!!
Instead....  We had a fender bender
 She was NOT happy with the accident!
 Getting out to assess the damage and Liam is wondering if he is going to get the next parking spot ;)
 He is now thinking he better check out the damage too!

 I got the cars in the same photo frame... that has to count for something!!!

 To end:
In Good 'Ole Holiday Cheer:  HAPPY ROAD RAGE!!! 

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