Monday, October 1, 2012

20 months old!

I can hardly believe that this little guy is 20 months!  He changes so much everyday it is crazy!  I know I have not done these monthly but felt like doing it this month:)
Liam wears anything from 12months-2t:)  Wide range!  He has short little legs and a tiny skinny tummy so pants are a struggle!  He eats a ton but is so active he just runs it off!!  Liam, you are a typical toddler... a great eater when you want to be and when it is not interfering with what you want to do!
Really has become a daddy's boy the last week or so!  He cries as soon as he is out of sight!  See below to maybe why:)  He can pull daddy's heartstrings!!!
Sleep.... Well you have gone from sleeping until 7 or later to waking at 5:30.... ummm I don't think so:)  Luck you for you mommy is out of the house by then so daddy will get you up.  If mommy is here you stay in there until 6:)  I can sleep through the cries and screams!  You go to bed between 6 and 6:30 but with these early wake up times it might become 5:30/6 soon!
Liam honestly has the best facial expressions.  When we see any truck you would think he is seeing a space shuttle with how excited he gets!  I just love it!!
You love cars, dogs and running.... anything Emma does you want to do!  You copy everything she does!!!!  That is not always a good thing!  When the two of you get along it is great and the house is filled with loud laughter but when you decide to turn and bite her... well the City hears the screams and cries!  Your sister is a bit lot on the dramatic side and you are picking up on it!!!
Maybe you have learned how to be dramactic from Emma!!!  This was seconds after you were running to the cow with a smile on your face.  The cow "moooed" and this was your reaction!!
Last week we had your first playdate with "your" friend.  You did good but Emma decided she wanted the other little boy to have EVERYTHING you had and that did not always make you so happy!!!
Tomorrow we are starting a Toddler Time Gym play class with the same little boy and a little girl, her sister is in school with Emma.  They are both around the same age and will all be in school together.  It will just be mommy and you because Emma will be in school!!!  I am excited for you to get to play with some kids your age!!
Emma was jumping off and you thought about it but then sat down and slid down:)

You are REALLY starting to say some words!  It is strange because Emma was 26 months before "talking".  To others you may be starting late but compared to Emma it is early:)
Things that you randomly say:

Up (means up, down and alldone if at the table)
daagee (doggy)
MMMM- milk
One-Two- Three (we count a lot.... for good and bad reasons)
baaahl (ball)
BBB (bounce house)
nana- (banana)

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