Thursday, October 18, 2012

That time of year...

It is that time of year that you start thinking about getting those PERFECT for Holiday cards!  I love the cards at TinyPrint... Cute cards and great quality!
Tri-Fold Holiday Cards Taped Memento - Front : Bright Red

I always have a hard time narrowing it down so this card is a great way to have several of your favorite pictures sent out for friends and family to see!

Ornament Cards Winter Symbols - Front : Green 
Love how this one is different from the "average" Christmas card!

There are so many that I just love and I usually spend way to much time thinking about the perfect card but when there are so many cute choices it is difficult:)

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas or ANY holiday card head over to Tiny Prints!  You will he happy that you did (or may not because there is so much to choose from!!)
Before you order make sure you head over to there special offer page and see if there is a promo code to help save you money.

Hope you all are able to find the perfect card for your family.  I know I have found several... now I just need the perfect pictures:)

***This is a sponsored post

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