Monday, September 24, 2012

BIG Changes here!!!

This stroller in showing BIG changes in this house....

There is NO LONGER a baby... The stroller is empty because my baby wants to run run run!  He wants to do EVERYTHING his older sister is doing!  Therefore that means mommy is pushing an empty stroller and chasing a wild man:)

Daddy got to experience the toddler on the loose at the mall this weekend (if I hadn't kicked Emma out of the stroller she would still be sitting in it).  He did such a good job staying with us they both got a Carousel ride- a first for Liam.  He usually just got to watch Emma!

Today was the perfect fall day for a trip to the zoo.  It was great.  All the animals were on the move... as was Liam:)  They did great!

He was beyond excited to see EVERY animal and has the BEST facial expressions when seeing them!

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Amy said...

Kate STILL wants Lincoln out of the stroller so she can ride in it...I have a feeling Lincoln will be just like Liam though and run away from the stroller as soon as possible!!