Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Best Friend!!!

A dog truly is a best friend!  Sabol was the model of the perefect dog!  We got Guinness at a VERY VERY young age!  We had to feed her one piece of food at a time because she did not know how to eat! Sabol took control and became her "mother".  We really never had to work on "potty" training with her because Sabol did all the work and would take her outside!  It was great!  We are in shock when we get our next puppy!!!  I don't think Guinness will be as motherly as Sabol was!!!
Sabol may have drove me nuts on MANY occasions but I could not have asked for a better dog!!  She went from being the QUEEN of the house with Just Jeff to having me move in, then Guinness and then Emma all within 2 years!  She was not bothered by any of it!  

She was AMAZING with kids!  When she was sick at the end she never flinched as Liam and Emma crawled all over her and Guinness chewed at her face!  She was just an amazing doberman!  She was nothing like the dobermans you see in movies!!! 
I have a zillion pictures but these are just a few that I easily found:)

Even taught Emma how to be a puppy;)

Love to Mema and Papa!!!

Making sure daddy changes the diaper correctly!

Meeting her little brother:)

The abuse she took!

She will not miss that white stuff!  She is wondering why we moved her from sunny SC to snowy NY!!!

The Best Guard Dog ever!  Warmed up to both Emma and Liam immediately!

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