Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where have we been??

We have been spending a lot of time on the POTTY!!  WOOO HOOO we have a potty trained little girl!

The first day we had a few accidents, day 2 we had one when she was playing in the bath with Liam and day 3.... SUCCESS!!!  I am so proud of her!  You always hear when they are ready they will just go and we were there!  I thought it would be a fight but nope!  She is proud of herself!

Every time she goes on the potty she gets a sticker and that is all she has needed!  The first day she got one for sitting too but the second day it was only for going!  I have put the stickers in a box and she reaches in and grabs one and puts it back in the cabinet until the next time.  She has wanted a "big" mater that she saw at Target before Christmas.  I told her after she goes on the potty for a week she can get it.  We are not getting that Big mater because it is too "old" for her but I saw another one that I think she will be just as happy with. 

This was my first goal for 2012 and so far we are off to a good start!  Not sure how the rest of the goals will go but this one is the best one to get accomplished!!!

What has Liam been doing you ask????  Giving his daddy a heart attack over what his tupperware cabinet looks like:)

What it looked like pre-kids (or pre-mobile) kids 

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