Sunday, January 22, 2012


Last night was a big game for Syracuse... So big that I watched ummmmm maybe 30 seconds to a minute of it:)  Oh well it is still fun getting dressed in our Syracuse gear... Orange and Blue!  Luckily they are good colors:)

Emma teaching Liam to say GO SU! 

Takes her job serious!

The game started at 6:00 so Liam missed it.  Bottle and down before tip-off:)  I wanted to follow but had to get the other one ready for bed

Although the lost Liam was still happy to wear his team colors today!  He wears them with pride:)
I will be honest....  I am not that into any sport:)  I am from Syracuse so why not cheer them on... I would have been just fine laying in bed watching a hallmark or lifetime movie.  It was a good excuse to get pizza and wings and acting like a cared.

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Happiness Is... said...

My grandparents met at Syracuse :)