Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Party- Take 1

On Saturday Liam had such a great day!  It was a perfect... March day!  I am so glad that we did not plan a sledding party as it was 40 or so and sunny with not a snowflake on the ground!!

We started our day with a test run at My Gym with Emma... She loved all the toys and equipment, following directions... not so much;)  She will get there but being surrounded with a ball pit, slides and everything else makes it hard to sit and sing a song.  Hopefully after a few weeks she will get the hang of it!

Then we came home for naps and get ready for Party time:)  We had a blast and Liam did not do any messy cake pictures so maybe this weekend he will get more into it.  He just picked at it!

I did not take too many pictures... here are a few and will get some "1st Birthday" pictures this weekend
 This is a super adorable shirt made by Grandma!!!

He loved sitting in the chair stomping his feet

One shoe on one shoe off... this boy is a MESS!

Patiently waiting for her turn.  Surprisingly she did great with Liam getting presents
 THANK YOU Ava for my tractor!!  It was a big hit with everyone!  I LOVE it too!!!
(Uncle Craig and Aunt Haley too:)!!)

 THANK YOU Grandma for my car ramp!  Emma LOVES to play with it too!  I am sharing with her now!

THANK YOU Aidan, Hadley, Delaney (Aunt Kim and Uncle Eric) for my St. Patrick's day green North Face coat.  It is a favorite of mommy's!!  She can't wait to dress me in it for St. Patrick's day!!  I will get a picture in it soon... We might size up to 3T (gasp!!!)

Mema and Papa I can't wait to get one last gift from you this weekend!!!  Coming home all the way from FL to celebrate my Bday!!!  How nice of you:)


My new rocket!
We had such a special day with our one year old!  It is amazing how fast the year has gone!  
I loved getting all the messages for Liam and it shows how much he is loved!  I wish I could save all those messages so when he was older he could hear all the love he got from everyone on his 1st birthday!!

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Katy said...

I think he looks like Norm in the third picture and the last picture. <3 I'm so glad you all had a great weekend and I can't believe little man is 1!