Friday, July 15, 2011

Where have we been???

We have just been enjoying the GORGEOUS summer weather!!!  Last Friday Emma can down with a virus.  She went around drinking all of her cousins Capri Suns on the 4th of July and they  came down with it the next day so I should have known we would not escape.  Friday she was pretty pathetic and just laid on the couch and watched TV all day!!   Her fever got up to 104 at night so we started alternating tylenol and motrin.  When she woke up Saturday she seemed better until she walked over to me and threw up all over... so needless to say we stayed pretty low key Saturday and Sunday just to make sure she was better.

Emma has fallen in LOVE!!!  She is in love with CARS!

Thursday was the BEST daddy's birthday!  

Emma checking out Liam and Liam checking out that popsicle!

Our art project for daddy!

We have spent A LOT of time outside (when not watching Cars and CLifford!).  Emma could stay out there all day and night if we let her!  She just runs and runs and chases Guinness!

Emma also got to help make some cookies this week.  She  didn't like the cookie dough- she can't be my child!!!  She didn't like cookie dough and doesn't like ice cream!!!


Jillian said...

Emerson just recently started to like ice cream, these kids are crazy!! And I'm glad you go the go pod!! Yay for summer and poor Emma:(

Katie said...

Sydni is an ICE CREAM MONSTER!! And I'm just so-so. I'm sure Liam will be a little sweet-tooth, too!