Friday, July 22, 2011

One Word...

That is how we are feeling!!  HOT HOT HOT!!!

We did not realize that there was no AC in the house when we bought it last fall... It was the last thing that we were thinking about at the time.  We were just thinking about getting moved in before the snow!!!  SOOO this is what we have been up too!!
Lots and Lots of Water time!!!

Liam trying to catch a cool breeze outside...

This kid is always happy!

All dressed up to see some of Mater and 'Queens' Friends!!!

The days of the bounce seat are coming to an end:(

Emma used to do this too!

Helping daddy put in a ceiling fan!  It is wonderful but it is still HOTHOT HOT!!!

someone might be starting teething... He is loving the ice

Emma teaching Liam how to use the ice mesh thing

Popsicles for breakfast??  When it is 90 degrees that early... there are no rules!!!

Pretty Girl!

Liam was fussing and every time Aidan would talk he would look at him and start smiling!  He sure loves Aidan!

Ya-yee pop time!

Aidan and Emma playing cars!

I know by looking at him you would think we starve him and that is why he is eating his toes:)
Mema has a lot of our old toys that the kids love playing with.  Emma was getting a lesson how to use the old garage... not the same as the one she has!

Aidan was being such a great big brother and jumping in with Hadley.  Delaney wanted to join in and said that she was able to jump all by herself because Aidan was holding her hand!  What a great big brother:)

Emma has an OBSESSION with Cars!  Yesterday when we were at Target she got McQueen for the pool.  It stated on the package that it "Zooms across the water".  

Well luckily she is 2 and just happy that she can take McQueen in the water because it was false advertising for sure!  He sits on the water. 

What does Liam do while we are ou tin the heat and swimming????


He looks cute!

He enjoys the AC
Could he get any cuter??!!

We are very thankful that Mema and Papa have AC and 2 cribs for us to camp out at their house during the day. If I had known how hot it was going to be last night... I would have stayed there. At least the kids don't seem to be bothered by the heat! I went into Emma's room and she has taken a heavy knit blanket and put it over her and she is all sweaty! She insisted on keeping it on!!

Wow that was long:)  Too many cute pictures though!

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Amy said...

Haha...Kate INSISTS on having her pink polar fleece blanket on her at ALL times for sleeping...even in the upstairs summer heat where the air conditioner does not do quite a very good job. She and Emma are a lot alike!