Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Playing in the playpen this AM!

1/2 of a year!!!  I can't believe that our baby boy is 6months!  SIX MONTHS!!  1/2 of a year!  WOW!!!
Liam is still a super baby!  He likes to be held:)  I am ok with that.  When you go to put him dow he will throw a fit but he can usually be distract with anything from a toy to a fake sneeze:)  He will then just smile and laugh!!

What is Liam up to???
Not much:)  We don't go to the Dr's until the end of August... We got a bit off schedule for the 4 month so now we are all off!  I measured Liam and got between 28.25/28.5 inches and about 16lbs so I will add a lbs or two because it was not a digital scale and 16 did not sound plump enough!!
Liam is not sitting yet... maybe in 2 weeks or so he will sit being supported but right now there is no interest in sitting.

Liam is still sporting his red hair:)  He came out with dark brown and now it is strawberry blonde!  I LOVE it!!  With blue eyes still!
He LOVES the "johnny jumper"!!  Just like Emma.  I think she would still be in it if she fit the weight limit!
Liam typically is in bed by 5:30 (which is a fight to get him to stay awake most nights!!)and sleeps the night.  He has been going through a phase where he wakes up at 4:00 squealing- happy squeals!  Then he will fall back to sleep after he sings a song or two until 6!
He eats about 25-27oz formula and two "meals" a day.
What is in that mouth????
TWO tiny teeth starting to pop through!!!
These have been 6 wonderful months and I am sure the next 6 leading up to the 
first birthday will be just as wonderful!!!
(the best part is only 6 more months of buying formula:)!!)

These just crack me up!  Maybe before he is 16 she will sit in a picture with him!!!

told her if she smiled she would get a popsicle!

she is not having it but he thought I was hilarious!!

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