Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whats for dinner...

So far Liam has had avocado, sweet potatoes and apples.  We have done them individually and mixed them.  We are going to be adding pears today.  I made the pears this morning and will do the zucchini next and add some banana's.  I can't believe that he is already eating so many foods.  Before I know it we will be throwing the sippy cup into the mix!!  SLOW DOWN LIAM!!!

***started this yesterday.... He LOVED the pears!!!
No the Dog meds are not being added to Liam's food!
Apples.  I need to make more because Emma wants it too!

Emma is OBSESSED and when I say OBSESSED I mean OBSESSED with the movie CARS!  She really doesn't sit and watch anything for more then 10-15 minutes but last night she sat for at least 45 minutes while I picked up and fed Liam.  She never moved.  
Here she is earlier in the day watching it!

Last night she went to bed and I didn't hear a peep from her.  An hour later I hear on the top of her lungs " GO QUEEN GO!!!! GO GO GOOOOO!!!"  Needless to say we might be going and getting some CARS cars because they entertain her for hours!

Yesterday AM Guinness was standing at the kitchen door crying.  This is what I saw just on the other side of the fence.

The deer are probably not too happy with us!  First we put up a fence and then we moved the plants that they were eating in the front of the house to inside the fence!


Ashley said...

Stopping by from Jenna's! What adorable children and I love the patriotic pictures. :)

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Stopping by from Jenna's. Glad you are enjoying making your own baby food. I love it as well! It is so much fun watching them experience new tastes.

Samantha said...

Our kiddos are pretty close in age! My son is 2.5 years old and my other son just turned six months! Super cute blog & following you now!


Amy said...

Liam has already beaten Kate out in the amount of foods he will eat :) I need to get the CARS movie for Kate too!

Paige said...

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey! Cute blog and even cuter kids. Hope you have a great weekend!

Kerry said...

Hi!! Stopping by from the commenting challenge...We have a Liam here also, he was born end of Jan this year!! Slowly starting on solids now and with success :) Have a lovely weekend!!