Friday, June 11, 2010


Today we had a VERY special Morning. We got to go to Aidan's end of the year Picnic. This is his last year at Peanut Butter Nursery and we were so excited to go to the picnic with him and next week get to go to Graduation!!!


Do you think he is a little excited???
If only we all could be that happy all the time!!

Exploring the great outdoors...

Swing time....

This is Emma's first time on the "big" kid swing.... she didn't really get the sit back part. She enjoyed it but I on the other hand was scared she was going to flip out of it:)

Kickball or football???

Mommy are you watching???

I GOT IT.... Now what????

Aunt Kim time....
So mommy can take action pictures of the kickball game:)


Finally get to play with the ball!!!!

Parachute time!

Next on our list.... Greek Fest and maybe catch a balloon or two going up at the Balloon fest.... What a wonderful weekend it is to be home.....
only 6 more days until Jeff is here!!!

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