Monday, June 7, 2010

Day #2:)

Today was the perfect CNY day. Sun was shining with a nice cool breeze. Emma loved the wind blowing in her face and would just laugh at it. It was cute.
Today Emma spent a few hours with Mema while I went to one of my best friends from high school, father's funeral. She took a two hour nap for her this morning and then Emma had a great time playing with clothespins:) When I got home she had just finished luch and was ready for her nap. She took another long afternoon nap and then we headed to the Goode's house to see the cousins. They started to play right away today. It was great. Last night they were all a little hesitant of everyone(except Aidan of course!). By the time they left they were all playing and they started off the same today. Emma got to meet Aidan's BEST FRIEND Charlie. He is a cutie!!

Emma misses her daddy and talked about him the WHOLE way home from Kim's! I told her we could Skype him get the camera ready daddy!!!!

If you want to see the Photos in order.... Start from the Bottom:) Too lazy to fix how I put them on:)
First time in the Bouncy house!!

Aidan and his friend Charlie playing

Hadley showing Emma her sunglasses

Wishing she could play with the BIG kids

Trying to put her glasses on herself

Why is that Paparazzi always following me around!

Showing Emma how to be safe!

Umm... yeah not so happy that I am back in town with my camera!

Last night Hadley was so sweet! She was sharing EVERYTHING with Emma. Even her food!

Group Head-Butt

Again... Delaney is not happy about the camera.... And yes she is a year and 1 month older then Emma and they are the same size:)

Getting ready for Wegmans!

This is back at home before we left

She MISSES her doggies too!

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