Friday, March 5, 2010

My Typical Day...

Is there such a thing????
Over at Kelly's Korner they are doing a blog hop about your typical day.... Not to exciting but thought I would participate because it has been awhile. I know our days aren't to thrilling but here it goes:)!
Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Well I have two typical days.... The working days and the relaxing days!
The Working:
  • Up at 5:30 to get ready for the day
  • Emma wakes somewhere between 6-7 (If she is not awake by 6:45 I usually wake her so I can spend some time with her before I head out the d0or.
  • I HAVE to be out the door by 7:30(I usually push it until the LAST second)
  • I greet my students at the door at 8:00 usually still with my coat on:)
  • 12:15 Eat lunch with 80 wonderful 1st graders... so there is no Lunch for me!
  • 3:00 Say Good Bye to my wonderful students
  • 3:30 out the door to turn on Mommy Mode again
  • 3:50 Get to see my Baby again!!! The best part of the day!!! This is the beginning of what I call EMMA RUSH HOUR!!! It is getting better but it used to be A LOT busier!!!
  • Say good bye and THANK YOU to Kassi for taking good care of Emma
  • 4:15 Emma is eating dinner
  • immediately following dinner she is in the bath and PJ's
  • 5:00/5:15 bottle
  • 5:15/5:30 Daddy Comes home! THE OTHER BEST PART OF THE DAY!
  • 5:30/5:45 Bedtime for Emma(Usually once a week she goes to bed around 5:15, we have just started to push it back a little more)
  • 6:00 Sit and relax for a minute and dinner for Jeff and I.... Then Finally BED at somepoint (usually around 9:)!!)
  • Sleep until 5:30 when it all starts again:)!
  • Wake up whenever Miss Emma decides she is ready to start her day... between 6-7 (for some reason on these days it is closer to the 6:00 time...)
  • Bottle for Emma, then Play and Breakfast around 7:00. Breakfast for Emma and Coffee for Mommy and Daddy!
  • Play for about another hour and then off to Nap time at 8/8:15- This should be a time for me to clean and do things I can't when she is awake but sometimes I take advantage and take a nap too:) The plus of 1 kid!
  • emma wakes between 9:30 or I wake her no later than 10:15
  • We usually go and do something errands or a walk (lately with the yucky cold weather just staying home and playing)
  • Noon- Lunch time
  • 12:30 Nap time for Emma and time for Daddy and Mommy to do some cleaning or yardwork(daddy for that). If it is a grocery week this is when I go... All the fun things while she sleeps:)
  • 2:30ish Emma wakes up and is ready to play and then the day continues as the working day..... Her Rush hour is not as crazy because I have more time to prepare dinner before she loses it!
Well our days are not to exciting or thrilling but who has thrilling and exciting days while working and taking care of kids???? It is OUR life and I LOVE it!

How our day ends!

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Jillian said...

Sounds so much like my day:)