Sunday, March 28, 2010


It was a very LONG week but here are some photos from the birthday girl.... I will get some more in the next few days.... we can pretend they were taken on 3-25.... Nobody needs to know they weren't!

Nothing like your first Birthday Present to BRIGHTEN your day!

What is it????

Thank you Ava, Aunt Haley and Uncle Craig!


It's MY party and I CAN cry if I WANT too!

Almost as tall as Delaney.... well a head shorter

Here is TROUBLE!

Innocent Hadley:)

Not bad for a last minute Birthday cake from Wegmans at 8:30AM:)
Thanks KIM!

Aidan wanted to do a surprise party for Emma this was his card!

She LOVED the cake!!!
I guess it was all the sweets I ate when I was pregnant!

Did you try some Papa??

Man I LOVE being 1!!!

MY REAL birthday- March 25, 2010!
I can be EVIL!


all in the matter of MINUTES!

Uncle Bill gave me the BEST present....
A post-it pad of paper
let me play with the strap on his bag!


Watching a movie with Noah

Apparently she need a better view and standing a Noah was just the right booster!

Alex VERY QUICKLY became the BEST cousin!!!
He gave E his cell phone to play with!

A friend of Jeff's from High School (Kristy) was VERY sweet and brought Emma a Birthday present to the calling hours. It was the sweetest gesture because she had never met me or Emma. This Baby also gave E HOURS of entertainment in the car!
THANK YOU KRISTY, HOWARD and HOPE for coming a thinking of Emma too!

Emma got to ride on Noah's Grand-Bob's horse and carriage. Although it doesn't look like she was enjoying it.... she did. she was smiling right before the camera came out...

SWEET cousins enjoying their ride! At least Noah was smiling!

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boltefamily said...

We were more than happy to bring a little gift to Emma on her birthday. I mean, Hope INSISTED! :) Every girl needs a new dolly on her special day! :) We are so sorry we had to meet under such circumstances, but are so glad to have met you! :)