Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few videos

Sabol does a good Job cleaning up!

(ignore the news in the background.... Of course it is sad and negative!)


Emma was in the BEST mood today! Who wouldn't be after sleeping 14 hours:) She must have gotten tired out from all this because of this mess because she is back down for naptime.... Maybe she will wake up to some snow!
The snow is exciting and not so exciting. I am like a 1st grader with getting snow down here. I keep looking outside to see if it started... You don't want to miss it! At the same time it is March and who wants snow in March? I want sun and warmth so I can enjoy my break and go for walks with Emma. I also want it to be warm so travel is good for Mema and Papa and we have a
BIG trip planned to the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, SC. I can't wait to go with Emma. I know I will get more enjoyment out of it then her:)

Enjoying my new wheels!
what will daddy get me for my sweet 16?

Daddy's new phone is VERY funny!!!


I think I may come addicted to couponing at CVS:)
Thanks Parin and Amy!

On Sale for... 19.99$
- 4$ coupon
-2$ huggies coupon
+4$cvs bucks
Grand total.... 9.99$ WOOO HOOO!

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