Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week TWO!!

Today was a VERY Busy Day!!! First Mommy and I took a nice LONG nap:) Then we went to Marshalls were we found me a new Maclaren Stroller! I can't wait until I am big enough to use it and it is perfect to go in the airport to visit my cousins Aidan, Hadley, Delaney and Noah in NY and PA! Maybe I will make it to CA to visit Aunt Haley and Uncle Craig!! Next on the list was to have my very first playdate with Kate George. As you can tell I had a blast.  I slept through the whole playdate.  We each took a break to eat and then I went back to sleep!

Kate is trying to get Emma to play. Emma wanted none of that and just wanted to sleep the day away! Kate really is not a giant. She is a normal size 7 week old... Emma is just TINY!!!

Kate's mommy Amy did not want Kate getting to close to Emma because she was afraid she was going to punch Emma in the face!

Guinness thinking the blanket is for her!!!

Emma is 2 weeks old!!! (Aidan this outfit is just for you!! little frog feet! It is Zooka, Pah and Blows cousin!)

Guinness wants Emma to get off her blanket. Guinness is constantly checking her out. She gives a sniff test and will rest her head on the pack- n-play and just watch her....

Mommy tried to get a good 2 week photo but all I wanted to do is sleep. One day she is going to wish that is all I still did!!!

Today is miss Emma's 2 week birthday! We went to the doctor yesterday and her Jaundice is creeping back up! YUCK!!! So we have to go back on Friday and I am hoping that it goes down because we don't want to deal with the lights and everything again. The good news is she is getting pretty chunky.... 5lbs and 3 oz!!!!

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