Sunday, April 19, 2009

Injured Daddy...

Saturday morning was not what I was hoping for. Jeff had started play basketball with a friend and he played Saturdays at 6Am. So, Jeff decided to join him. He left around 5:45AM and at 7 he called.
"I hurt my ankle and Bob is driving me home..." he said. At first I thought yeah ok. I am sleeping and you just woke me up! Then I thought- hmmmmm, Bob is driving him home.... must be bad! When he got home he seemed ok so we let it go and he rested with Guinness. (see below)

When he got up he decided we better go to the ER, The doctor was not with him for more than 1 minute when she said, "yep its gone." Meaning his achilles Tendon. So we spent a little more time at the ER getting xrays and waiting to be discharged. Jeff will need to have surgery so I am hoping that we can get right into a dr on Monday and that we can schedule surgery sooner rather than later. We were planning on coming up north in the beginning of July but now we will wait and see what goes on with his ankle and surgery....
Lets hope this is it and only good things will happen from now on!!!

Sunday: EMMA GREW OUT OF 1 NEWBORN OUTFIT!!! This calls for a celebration!!! I can tell that she is growing. I actually feel like I am holding something now! She is getting longer too so that is why the outfit does not fit her. It is not because it is to snug in the width area!
Sorry Aidan that you will not see the frog on her anymore:( Today was the last day!
This is when it was too big on Emma.

Today Jeff is having his surgery... YUCK! for all of us involved!!! His mom came over and watched Emma for a little bit this morning and our friend Katy helped out as well! THANK YOU!!! Now Emma and I are just waiting to hear from the doctor or nurses that we can go pick up daddy! I thought I would be better sitting here waiting but I think I should have stayed at the hospital because I am a nervous wreck! It will be a LONG few weeks... 6-10 but it could have been a lot worst so we can handle it! Emma (and Guinness) will anxiously be waiting for daddy to get better so we can go to the park


Today was a much better day for me! Yesterday I lived in my car seat to the dr with mommy. taking dad to and from surgery and then going to get medicines for both of them! They are not healthy!! Today I took a good morning nap in my crib and went for a walk. I am going to rest up tonight for my playdate tomorrow with my friend Kate and our new friend Libby. We are going to meet at Cleveland Park for a walk with our mommies.

Above I am practicing my dance moves I learned from my dad.... See below;)

Resting after my Dancing With The Stars tryouts- or dance lessons from Daddy....

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