Thursday, April 2, 2009

Emma's homecoming!!!

Today was a great day for us! Emma came home today at 5:30and she has been great so far... It has only been 4 hours. She is still in her sleepy mood which the doctor said could continue until her actual due date which was April 21st. She is getting up to eating 1oz and we are thrilled about that!
When the doctor called me at the hospital nursery to tell me that she was going to discharge Emma I was beyond excited! I did not think it would happen! I called Jeff and he said maybe we could just go back and get her around 6. I hung up the phone and thought this is not a pick up pizza order! My mom and I then left the hospital and went to Babies r us to see if we could find a preemie outfit for her. She would fit in them for weight but they were up to 18 inches and she is 19inches. Long and skinny!!!! We got home and gathered the stuff to take with us and Jeff and I headed to the hospital. My dad would have loved the nursery then it was a "high production day" as he called it when he was there. There were about 5 newborns so we got put on the back burner for awhile!
When we finally got home we had to slowly introduce the dogs to Emma. Sabol didn't care and Guinness was excited and just wanted to lick her. Grandma and Grandpa West came over and finally got to hold Emma because when they were up at the hospital nobody could hold her but finally they were able too! Guinness was a little jealous that grandpa was spending time with someone besides her!

Day 2:
This was a successful day. Emma did not eat that well at night so I was a little nervous. As the day went on she went from 25cc's to 50! What a pig we got!!! She has slept and ate... So has mommy and Mema:) I think the emotional and physical roller coaster I have been on in the last week is finally catching up. It was the first day that I was able to try to recover myself from the c-section without driving back and forth to the hospital. We will see how night 2 goes tonight!

Day 3:
Today we had our first Dr. appointment with Dr. Tracey Butcher. She is amazing and has so much information to share! Emma was 4lbs, 14.5 oz! She gained an oz in 2 days, we were all pleased!!! Maybe she will be taking after her cousins Hadley and Delaney.... little pork chops!!! All of Emma's newborn screenings came back and looked great so we were all very pleased about that! Besides the Dr excitement Emma had a good day sleeping and growing!

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