Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where to begin....

It has been way too long so not sure where to begin so I might forget the past few months and start with this month!  I will never be able to play catch up!!!!

This month was a BIG month!!!  Emma Rose Graduated from Preschool and is on her way to Kindergarten!!!  She is so excited to go to school...  I hope this continues!

These are out of order:)
Before heading out the door on her LAST day!

 Proud of his BIG sister!
 We loved all of Emma's teachers but Miss Katie won her heart the first day!  I am so thankful for all the wonderful teachers that made this shy girl come out of her shell!!
 Another WONDERFUL teacher that Emma LOVED!

Emma and Grace started together last year at a different school and they switched to their new school together!  I am so happy that she had Grace with her and their friendship only developed more throughout the year!!!
 Singing her songs and doing the signs along with them!

 Her diploma from Bellevue:)

 So happy Mema and Papa were able to come on her special day!
 Zoe and Emma!
Zoe and Emma just about 5 years ago while we were visiting from SC and now from Preschool Graduation.  I never thought they would have been in school together 5 years ago!!
 I can not leave out this handsome little guy that is pretty excited about going to school next year!

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