Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mothers Day and Father's Day Pictures

For Mothers Day the Apple Orchard was open for a picnic lunch.  It was a gorgeous day out!  I was hoping that the apple blossoms would be out but with how our spring was they weren't out yet.  Oh Well it was still a beautiful and relaxing setting.  The kids had so much fun too!

 Liam thought it was more fun to tackle Emma then sit and take a picture!

 After lunch we changed in to play clothes and played on the playground there.  The kids LOVE the slide!!!

Father's Day we had a surprise Birthday party for our friend and then headed to Mema and Papa's to go swimming!

Checking out the Candy

Dancing to Let It Go
 How they are going to shout SURPRISE to Zach:)

waiting to eat that yummy candy!!

Alex and Liam... Watch out Bellevue and Westhill:)

HMMMMM D what are you teaching Liam???
Words can not express how much I love these pictures!  I love that Emma is just .4 miles from her two cousins that are 11 months older.  They will grow up with eachother having fun and I am sure fights and in HS well... That is a long ways away right???!!!
Emma calls them her sisters because she doesn't have one and I tell her they are the best sisters... you won't have to fight over the shower and getting ready to go somewhere... you just meet up with them and have fun:)  One day she will get that!!!

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