Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Parade #2

Today Kim and all the kids and I decided to attempt one of the other local parades. We had never been and heard it is crowded so we were a little worried about where to park but that was easy and we had so much fun!!! The kids loved it. Emma said it was too loud and she liked the smaller parade better but maybe next year she will LOVE it:) Bring on the 4th of July parades next:) We are in summer mode even if it feels like fall!!
This was before it got crowded

This little guy has his signature cough and we only got a few dirty looks

Love this "little" girl!
Aidan truly is the worlds best older cousin!  He is so good with Emma and Liam!!!  He lets Liam get away with murder- which is not ok but Liam thinks it is great!  He has always been so great with Emma!!  Although when he first met her at 5/6 weeks he kept saying her head smelled.... poor Emma:)
Boys will be Boys!
Looks like they were loving each other....
 This is how Liam really feels!

He was ok being in the same picture frame though!

SARGE!!!  He came all the way to Camillus from Radiator Springs!!!

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