Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This weekend was Gorgeous.  Snowy white ground, sunny skies and "warm" temperatures:)  We decided to take advantage of this "warm" winter day and head to Highland Forest to go on a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride.  It was a bit of a wait but the kids did great waiting in their snowsuits (so Liam could barely move!) and they had a great time on the sleigh and LOVED the horses of course!


 Sitting by the fire.  I wanted to get a picture sitting in front of the fire but... just seemed a little too close for these clumsy West Kids:)

The angle of these two made me laugh:)

My little monkey very focused on the horses!

Emma got to help guide the horses on the sleigh!

Before taking off
On the trail!

They both wanted to play in the snow...

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