Sunday, January 27, 2013


I can hardly believe that two years ago we met the sweetest and cutest baby boy!  You came into this world screaming and yelling and you can still scream, yell and throw a tantrum like no other!!!
Then a minute later you can give hugs and kisses and make this tantrums seem like nothing.  You give the World's BEST hugs EVER!  I love getting you out of your crib because you wrap your little arms around my neck and give a tight squeeze!  Today after your nap I did not want you to let go... the last tight squeeze from my baby, my one year old... tomorrow it will be from a big boy 2 year old!!!  Tear Tear;)

Liam you are full of spunk and Energy.  You can make me laugh one minute the next be pulling out my hair and turning it gray, as you decide to do a belly flop from our bed to the floor or that you are going after your sister in full force with your mouth wide open and hands ready to rumble:)  But within seconds you can look at her and give her a kiss and hug!  Why can't you two always be like that???  The kissing and hugging part!!  There is no doubt that you will be the class clown of your senior class!  You love to make others laugh and you are good at it!  I think I will be getting to know many teachers very well:)
Your favorite things are cars, trucks and anything with wheels!  Or anything Emma is playing with!  You idolize her and do EVERYTHING she does and wants to play with everything she does.  Most of the time you guys can get along and play with the same thing.  You also LOVE the Bouncy house but that has been put away for awhile!  After I thought you broke your leg I figured it was best to be put away until after our trip to Florida!!
You are much more verbal then Emma was!  I guess that is the second child.  You will repeat anything and I can understand everything you say.  I can't even begin to count how many things you say... It is a lot!  No worries there! 
Favorite food... nothing!  That is why you are around the 15% in weight!  Will be interesting what the doctors say about that at your well visit.  You have always been on the skinny side so I am sure they will not be concerned.  I am lucky if you eat two bites at any meal!!
I will update height and weight after your visit;)


These past two years have been crazy:)  You add so much life to this house and I am so blessed that we are your mommy and daddy and Big Sister:)  I can't wait to see all the changes this year!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Liam!!!