Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Water Time

Let summer begin...

We have gotten the nice warm weather back!  The kids have been loving the water and Ava got to join in the fun!!
Went and got Emma a bathing suit while she was at my gym and paid no attention the straps not criss crossing! UGH

Kim got the better picture...  I will have to get that from her

Mema and her kids

Ava was very interested in the worm

Look how little Liam looks!!

He likes it!

He hates it!

Ava Posing... with a knife

Splish splash!

Donut time:)

 See the LOVE!  It doesn't always look this way:)
 Going in for a kiss

 Hugs and kisses
 kissy kissy
 Kissy kissy sissy!!!!

 Pool time at Mema and Papa's

 Playing with Ava

Dinner Time

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