Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ava's here to play!


Emma was so excited about Ava coming to play.  She kept saying Ava going to come to play with my cars... flashback to last summer when Ava was here- Ava was not allowed to look at her cars so that was a BIG step!!!
Friday we did not get to see Ava in the AM because of Liam's "healthy" visit- Emma was not happy about that!  Then with both of them being sick we decided it wasn't the best idea to have them all together- again Emma was NOT happy.  Saturday Ava woke up with a cold so it really didn't matter now.  Saturday AM after My Gym we met them at Papa's store and they had a BLAST!!!  They had so much fun playing with Ava and of course playing at Papa's store!
Aidan is a favorite for sure- Just like he is to all the other kids!

All the cousins in 1 shot!!!

Liam chasing Papa!

They didn't want to get too close:)

Ava and Emma- 7 months apart
 This was too cute.  She just sat in the chair and would lay her head on him.  Aidan of course loved it:)  Everyone wanted to sit in the chair with Ava!

 None of the cousins really resemble each other but these too.... I sure think they do!  It is the little girl and Little boy version of Uncle Craig!  Although Aidan looks just like his daddy he also looks just like his Uncle Craig!!!

Hadley and Delaney had to have their picture too:)
 Trying to get them all.  Apparently it was too hot for Emma and everyone wanted to be next to Ava.  Then you can see how Liam felt about having his picture taken!

D and A are posing for this one!

Emma does not do well with her sensitive eyes and the sun:(
Liam did not like this idea but D was not going to let him go!  What a good big cousin

 Advertising time:

Notice Emma's finger... As this photo was taken she started to scream because her finger was stuck in that hole.  Safe to say we removed them all from there!!!
The girls
Pool Time is next:)

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