Sunday, May 20, 2012

15 months

I know I have to do a MAJOR blog catch up, mainly because this is a "baby"/"life" book for my kids/family!  We are going to skip to 15 months for Liam and then I will head backwards:)

Liam turned 15 months on April 29 but because he didn't have his "healthy" (haha) visit until May 18th I figured I would wait to do the post so we had his stats.
The Good Stuff:
Height: 34 inches which brings him in the 98%... I am not so sure on that but that is what they say!
Weight: 23lbs 1oz.  Skinny little man that LOVES to eat!  This brings him into the 24%.  I think we will be making him so fatty protein shakes soon!
He even licks the bowl clean:)
head was 76%.  It looks so much bigger then that:)
Mr. William Allen has had a ROUGH few months.  He has basically been on an antibiotic since January:(  He is taking after his mommy with his ears.  Poor baby!!!  He has not gone more then 5-7 days without a "diagnosed" ear infection.  My mommy brain has none before that 5-7 days.  If only the doctors would trust me:)  In the beginning the ear infections have not interrupted sleep.  I can not say the same for the last two.  We are talking about a baby that started sleeping through the night around 8 weeks.  When he was waking more then 2x I knew something was up.  We have been up  A LOT over the past few weeks.  It makes me even more thankful that I have two kids that love their sleep and always have!!!
On his "healthy" days he goes to bed around 5:30 (the nice weather is making that hard so I am pushing it back to 6-6:30) and he sleeps 12+ hours.  This AM Liam woke up at 8:30!!!  Unfortunately I missed the sleeping in... I had been to the grocery store and back before he woke up:)
Liam LOVES LOVES LOVES his sister and he is such a brother (or sibling!) and knows just what to do to tick her off!  He is very good at that!  They play a lot more now and will get along for long periods of time but then the sibling fights break out!  I love to hear them playing, laughing and chasing eachother (their favorite thing).  Emma is super good with him but like any sibling she does get annoyed when he takes her things. 
Liam is beginning to be more adventurous.  He has figured out how to climb on the couches and chairs and then likes to try to jump on them.  When I hear NO WILLIAM ALLEN from Emma I know I am in trouble!  He just looks at you with a smile and tries to scurry away!

As for talking... He is taking after Emma in being delayed with that.  Looks like he might be getting some testing done as well in his future.  He says dada, mama, and was saying Emma but not anymore...

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Katie said...

I cannot believe our boys are so old and so BIG! You're Liam is almost as big as mine!

He's also a little behind in speech, but he sure knows how to bounce on the furniture!