Friday, May 28, 2010

A note from Kassi

I'm feeling reflective again :(...this is mine and Lael's last day with our precious Emma Rose. I thought I'd write Emma a little letter from me that maybe Jill can keep in her baby book so that one day no matter how far apart we all may be, Emma will have the opportunity to know some things about her first year of life from my perspective. here's the letter :)

Emma Rose,

When you're old enough to read this you and I may be miles apart or we may be in the same city. Who knows? Whatever the circumstance, I want you to know that even right now I am still thinking about you and loving you dearly. This past year with you and my little girl Lael has been crazy, exhausting, busy, entertaining, and absolutely wonderful. You are such a sweet dainty baby girl. At the beginning, when you were just a few months old I thought your personality would definitely match your petite size. Lael's loud shrills and cries would scare you silly when you two first met. I remember thinking you were going to get trampled and overpowered by her when the two of you became mobile. Well, Emma Rose, you sure shocked me!! You have grown to really hold your own around here. You make sure we know when you don't get your way and you don't take any bullying from anybody. Such a large personality for such a tiny frame. I'm sure one day your mommy will have fun with your tantrums and your "my way or the highway" attitude. Yes, you're quite the independent little girl, able to play on your own, needing to feed yourself, always wanting to run out of my sight, but on the contrary you are a loving downright huggable child as well. The hugs may not happen often but when they arrive, they are well worth the wait. Your "head bump" kisses are an added bonus :)! Your laugh is contagious and your smile is priceless. The days when you and Lael play sweetly and giggle at each other are the best and I'll surely remember them always. I'm so glad to have shared in the milestone moments when you began crawling, scooting, feeding yourself, "knee" walking, drinking from a cup, walking, and most recently, running wildly. You and Lael have evolved into good buddies too who most of the time can get along well as long as she doesn't touch you too much or try to take your toy. The other day you even started taking Lael her lovey like you were taking care of her, as the older friend should. Once, Lael walked into your room to help me get you up from your nap and she yelled "sissy sissy sissy"!! I almost cried even though she probably had no idea what she was saying, it was one of the sweetest things I'd ever heard. You've been such a blessing to us Emma Rose and the best first friend for Lael that she could have ever asked for. I'm so glad your mommy and I found each other and I was given the privilege of sharing in your first year of life. You'll enjoy being with your mommy as she embraces her new role as a stay at home mommy. The two of you will make wonderful, special memories for a lifetime to come. You were blessed with awesome parents, baby girl, who will love you and guide you the right way, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you. I truly love you like you are my own.

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