Friday, January 29, 2010

Some pictures of the week...

We have had a busy week...
I am without my nice camera so these pictures won't be as clear.... They are still cute though. There will be some cute videos later.

Watch out..... I am coming and FAST!!

Emma could not have a cuter friend! Lael is so darn CUTE!!

They both LOVE their thumbs and their lovies!

Play that Funky Music Girls!

Mommy says that there is going to be a
BIG Storm!!!!!
I am waiting.... and Waiting... and Waiting...


Now this is what mommy said we needed for the storm... baby formula, baby cereal and big bottles:)
She told me she won't share the big bottles with me....

She went to bed too early.... This is what I saw when I looked outside about an hour ago....

Look Closely..... There is a snowflake:)

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