Monday, January 18, 2010


Emma and I started off the day with what I thought was going to be a short nap (because I had stuff I wanted to do) but, instead she surprised me and took a 3hr nap! We then went to 2 different Old Navy's because we heard about their great sales well.... neither of them had anything for Emma for next winter. We then cam home for what I thought would be a short nap because she slept so long in the AM... nope... 2.5 hour nap. We then played and ate dinner and went to bed. So basically she slept more than she was awake:) I got a lot done but still feel like there is a ton more that needs to get done. Here are a few videos of her today playing with sabol...

If we ever want to know where the dogs are while Emma is having dinner...or any food: we just have to look down. Usually G is laying there right next to the chair as well but she got up when I got up to get the camera. These two dogs are LOVING life right now! Emma just sticks her hand down to let them lick it and eat the food out of it!

Having my BIG girl food:)

Getting ready to go shopping with Mommy!!

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