Saturday, January 23, 2010

A cold Saturday...

These pictures are really out of order.... the end of our day seems to be first...
Emma got a new bath seat and she was so excited about it because she would not eat dinner and went to bed at 4:45! She was whinning so she had dinner at 3:30 and had her bath at 4 and off she went to dreamland!

Here she is in her new seat.... SHE LOVED IT!

She pulled her self up on daddy to get his strings from his hoody!

My lil thumb sucker!

Cheese! Mommy stop taking photos!!!

Lilly came in the mail:)

Not as east as it was a few months ago to take cute photos!

I loved the ergo so much that I want to wear it myself!

The dogs LOVE Emma because they get breakfast/lunch and dinner from her!

Playing in my new bath seat box

Tested it out on dry land first!

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