Monday, August 12, 2013

One day...

One day I will get to posting more then once a month... at that time who will care about reading about the chaos of taking kids from one sports to another or one music class, or dance class... oh well... for now there are just going to be random posts with random pictures:)  That is all anybody really wants to see anyways... pictures! 

Just downloaded these from awhile ago:)  She will be mowing our yard in no time!!

 Yesterday Jeff took Emma to the Lowes Build and Learn workshop to make Dusty from Planes.  She had so much fun!  They were great because Jeff told them Liam couldn't come because he had to nap so they gave him the whole Kit to do with Liam!  That made for 2 happy kids and a VERY VERY VERY happy Mommy:)
 This girl loved all the gear she got!!!

They are both looking forward to go see the movie!  We will take Emma in a couple weeks.....  when we will be the only ones there and Liam- well... he will have to wait until it is in the cheap theater or on DVD:)

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