Tuesday, August 6, 2013

crazy Monday

Oh what a day!  Yesterday Emma and I were playing around on her way up to her nap.  she was hanging on to my leg and I spun around and she fell... SMACK on the floor.  I grabbed her praying the smack was not her teeth!!  when I picked her up there was blood and LOTS of it:( Not that I am happy it was her chin but I am very happy it was not her teeth!

Off to the ER we went to get stitches:(
Emma was nothappy when she heard the word stitches and all she kept saying was she wanted to go home and take her nap:(  poor baby girl!!

Nothing Lilly can't take care of!!

 6 stitches later and a 1/2 smile on the way home!!!  Happpy she gets to go have ice cream for dinner and get a new My little Pony!
 Liam did not miss out on either treat!  Emma was very worried and wanted him to get a car and enjoy the ice cream too!  He sure did!!

That was our big hospital visit for this week....  Next week will be a different hospital!  We are just hospital/doctor hopping this year!   We are keeping our insurance BUSY!

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