Sunday, March 17, 2013

A week in paradise (to me)

We started going to Marco Island when I was 10 years old.  I have always loved it there!  It is gorgeous and peaceful... not a spring break type of place:) 
Emma and I have gone but this was the first year for Jeff and Liam.  We tried to think why Jeff didn't come before... not sure why but he didn't!

This week was NOT your normal or typical Marco trip.  The weather did not cooperate for the beach:(  I don't ever remember having more then 1 day that may have been not beach weather... this week, we had several days ;)  There was NOT snow though so that was a HUGE plus!!!!!  Even without beach time we had a GREAT time and hope to one day make it back down there;)  If we are welcomed!
First walk on the beach looking for shells!
Checking out the BIG bathtub

Happy now because he is being carried... when it all began!
 Going through shells.... checking out what her brother has

 Future Marco Island Firefighter!

BEST DADDY!!  Freezing air but swimming with his little girl that wanted to swim!!

Liam didn't last long before he turned blue. 

Her Favorite part of the trip;)
 A little sand castle time!

At the park!  The parks aren't like they are here:)  It was huge and so much fun!

More to come;)

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