Friday, November 30, 2012

Picture Dump... 2

Zoo Boo, Halloween at preschool and Halloween

Introducing Doc McStuffin and Stuffy!

 Pippi Longstocking (s)

 Trying to get a picture with Derek.  Getting all 3 to look and not blink was a challenge:)

 Trick or Treating at Mema and Papa's before they left for Florida!
 Mrs. Laubenstein got earlier visitors too:)  Glad she was prepared for the crowd!!!

 Before heading to Enchanted Beaver Lake.  What an amazing event.  It was so much fun, perfect weather and tired the kids out:)


 Halloween Party at School


She caved and gave him a kiss though:)

And they are OFF!

They would have gone for HOURS!!!

Checking out what they got!

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