Friday, November 30, 2012


Wow I really slacked on pictures from November:(  I am sure I will make up for it with Christmas approaching!!!

The serious one and the ditz...  totally shows the personalities!

 Thanksgiving Craft with Claire and Matthew at Aunt Kathy's!  The kids LOVE Thanksgiving there! 

Painting her stocking!

While the BIG kids were painting Liam was trying to steal all the Turkey Desserts!

Finally GOT ONE!!


The Boys

Kids table

 On Thanksgiving all the kids get their new Christmas PJ's.  It is so fun and they get so excited about them.  Along with new PJ's they get the "First" Gift of Christmas from Aunt Kathy! 

Claire is the BEST!!!  We wish she lived closer:)!

Mitch Joined in for the "kid" picture:)


The girls (minus Delaney)

Hadley proud that Liam was sitting on her lap!  He sure LOVES his HADLEY!

Liam photo bombing the GIRLS picture

The Boys
Now... On to Christmas!!!

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