Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random post catching up!!!

Every morning as I head out side at a little past 5:30 AM (YES IN THE MORNING) to meet my sister I notice we are getting closer and closer to fall... and winter!  It is pitch black when we head out and starting to get much colder (although friday is suppose to be close to 100!).  Today I had on pants and a long sleeve shirt and was pretty cold!  By the time I get home around 6:30, there is daylight and I have usually warmed up a bit but BRRRR... Fall is coming!!!!
Before fall officially arrives we have to be sure to get every bit of summer out of the day!  The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the water!  hose, sprinkler, water table and of course swimming!!

 We can't forget summer rain!  That is the BEST water to play in on a hot day!

Liam actually looks chunky here... don't let that fool you those are 6-12 month shorts falling off of him!!
We have enjoyed lots of swimming at Mema and Papa's pool but hard to get pictures when trying to be the lifeguard to two crazy swimmers:)  Maybe we will get one last dip and get some pictures and video!

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