Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I wont lie I did not want to do this at all but knew it was time!  I was not so sure about sending my "baby" girl to preschool in a crib.  Just did not seem right.  I was a bit nervous but it went GREAT!!!  She has slept great in it and takes great naps!  I know that will come to an end but for now I will take those few hours of peace while they are both napping:) 
The beginning:

Last picture in her crib:(  
Mommy had tears she was filled with joy!!!

 Liam was not sure what was going on!!!
 But they both loved helping daddy!!!

 Still wondering what is going on!!
 The excitement of waiting for all the pieces
 Slumber party on the floor (practicing for Florida:)!)


 First time going to bed in the BIG girl bed and SUPER excited!!

AND.... She is out!!!!!
If you can find her:)

Those cheeks look so chubby here:) haha!