Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Poor Baby Boy!!

A few months back someone introduced me The HairBow Company .  I loved everything and wanted to buy it all for Emma but really what does she need it for so I thought who could I buy a cute outfit for:)   Emma and Liam's cousin Ava (in PA) is turning one next month and I thought PERFECT!  I will get her a cute outfit.  When I got all of it, it looked SUPER tiny and I thought there is no way it will fit! 
Well I have a 17 month old model to try it on... problem is.... HE is a boy!  This mean mommy still had to do it and of course take a picture!  Sorry Liam!!!  Mommy loves you but I did get a chuckle out of these and how I will use them at your graduation and wedding:)

Hopefully Ava likes it better then Liam did!!!

Sorry for torturing you!  I will get you some new trucks to make up for it;)

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