Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This weekend was Jeff's birthday!  We didn't do anything wild and crazy!!  He spent the day painting the house and I went to a shower for my friend Gena.  When we got back we headed to Skaneateles to walk around and get some dinner.  It was a gorgeous day down there.  Emma got her back to school shoes too:) 
Looking at baby Ducks!

He wanted to get in that water so bad!  I don't blame him!

Throwing in her coins

Trying to give hugs!

Sunday we had the birthday dinner and swimming at Mema and Papa's house!  Jeff got his cheese cake for dessert:)

"Picnic" dinner at Mema and Papa's.  Liam kept inching closer and closer to the food (he already ate!)

Kid Table:)

Wasn't sure what to think about the candle and cheese cake!

Helping daddy!

safe to say.... He

likes it A LOT

Emma was a fan too but tired from swimming:)

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