Monday, February 6, 2012

a little more birthday fun!

Balloon Time 
Was hoping to get some cute photos of him standing and walking with the Balloons but he really wanted nothing to do with them.  He looked at them like he was seeing a ghost!

Mema and Papa came home from Florida to celebrate Liam's 1st birthday with him!

Showing of for the guest:)

Mema I missed you!!

wasn't so sure about the cake or maybe it was the singing???

Watch what I will do...

First I will peck at it...

taste it...

yeah that was good!

I am going in for MORE!

Happy Birthday Again!!  We never do birthday's just once in this family:)  He is going to wonder where the party and gifts are this weekend!  If anybody wants to send some I am sure he would LOVE them;)  Unfotrunately for him I think the birthday gifts are done until next year!

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Jillian said...

He is so cute and looks just like his sister!