Wednesday, February 29, 2012

12 month "healthy" visit

Today was Liam's 12 month "healthy" visit.  It is safe to say he DOES NOT like the doctor office.  I would say it was a close race between getting his hair cut and the dr... I think the dr won because of the shots!  Actually the shots were the best part!
This was his sad pathetic face after his haircut

According to the dr he is 32 inches 90 something % (not sure I agree 100% with the measurement but has to be somewhat close) and he was 22 lbs which is the 30% or so, his head was the 77% (again I think)...It was hard to hear over the very vocal Liam:)

Learned how to climb yesterday!
 Tomorrow Liam is going for some testing and I can guarantee this will not be the smile I see while he is having it done!  Poor baby has had a rough week!!!
Hoping to see this smile after the testing is done because his crocodile tears are too much for me!

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