Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great Grandma Emma

On Thursday, April 14th we received the news that Emma's great grandma Emma passed away.  I feel very blessed that both of them were able to meet one another but it makes me sad that Emma will have no "real" memories of meeting her GG Emma.  She will be able to see in pictures the pure joy she brought to her face and will have to hear stories about what a wonderful Grandma she was from her daddy.
I wish that Emma and Liam got to know her better but having lived in SC and just moving up to NY in the winter and me being pregnant we had not gotten down there.  I know that she knew how much we cherished the times we did see her and we will be sure to share those memories with Emma and tell Liam how much she talked about him and loved him although they had not met in person.

Our Wedding June 2008

Summer 2009

Summer 2010

When we got home from the services and all this weekend Emma wanted to go to bed and she insisted on taking a photo album that GG Emma had with picture of Emma and a blanket that was GG Emma's...

I know that Grandma Emma is smiling down on Emma as she watched her sleep last night!  She has not gone anywhere today without the photo album and the blanket had to be on her for both (yes she took two naps today!) naps.  I can only hope that GG Emma is watching over her and Liam and is smiling as she seems Emma with the blanket that she had made for her and the one that Jeff brought home with him. 

Emma Rose and Liam

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