Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!

Last night we went to Kate's (my friend Amy's daughter) 1st Birthday! I can't believe that she is 1!!! I remember going to the hospital to see Kate (thinking I had at least 2 more months before Emma came...haha she had other plans!!!). She was the most gorgeous baby and I can't believe how big she has gotten in the last year. I thought Emma and her were close in height until I looked at the pictures! She towered over Emma last night! She is going to be tall like her mommy and Daddy!

Emma on our way to the party wondering why I just got her dressed instead of getting in PJ's for bedtime! She was not happy about this!

I got my haircut and she just kept looking at me.... I think she was thinking where did all that hair go???

Kate and Emma checking eachother out....

Kate agreed that she was able to stay! This is the best we could get with two almost 1 year olds!

The girls and their daddy's

YEAH for Kate's Birthday!!!

Emma going after one of Kate's toys

Emma was not bothered that she was not getting any toys....

She LOVED the wrapping paper!

Kate got VERY good at unwrapping so I am sure she will be helpful next month for Emma's birthday because she will probably be more interested in the paper again:)!

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