Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 year visit!

On Tuesday we FINALLY made it to our "healthy" 2 year visit.  This is after two failed attempts!

It was the worse possible time for Liam.  It was at 1:00 so right at naptime but he did good. he fell asleep on the way there because we had to go to their other office which was forever and a day away!  He only cried for his shot and having blood drawn for lead test.

His stats:
Head-72% I was surprised because he looks like he has a HUGE head... must be because he is super skinny

Weight- 25.5lbs: 18% (she gave him the .5oz but if we go with the 25lbs that normally shows up he is the 14%!!)
Height- 36.75 inches- 95% (I think he is a little shorter... closer to 35.75 but I will give him that extra inch!)

His predicted height as an adult is 6'2... we will see how accurate that is in 18years HAHA!

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